A New Podcast

For those of you that know me from my previous life as a NetApp Technical Marketing Engineer and host of the Tech ONTAP Podcast, you know that I joined VMware back in November.  I am a Sr Technical Marketing Architect in the Storage and Availability Business Unit focussing on Virtual Volumes (VVol) and vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO).  (more to come on these topics in future posts)

I’ve said this before and it bears repeating, Technical Marketing is one of the best gigs in IT.  You get paid to learn cool stuff and then share it with others. This is one of the reasons I absolutely loved being part of the Tech ONTAP Podcast at NetApp. Every week I got to bring in experts on topics that interested me and pick their brains. Hopefully the end result would benefit those who listened, but selfishly it was my way of feeding my curiosity. Now that I am at VMware, there is a whole new world of things that pique my curiosity, so I decided why not launch another podcast and feed the beast.

I know there is no shortage of podcasts out there already for just about any topic you can imagine.  Personally I subscribe to at least 3.  As a member of the Storage and Availability BU at VMware, I thought it might be interesting to start by focussing on this one piece of the IT puzzle. There are so many interesting things going on just in this space I could probably spend the entire year bringing in various experts to explain the intricacies of their respective technologies.  So that’s exactly what I intend to do.

The Virtually Speaking Podcast

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.14.41 PM

I cant decide if I love or hate the name but for now its called the Virtually Speaking Podcast. John Nicholson and I will be hosting weekly episodes, bringing in SMEs from VMware and other companies to discuss various topics related to Storage and Availability.

Meet your Hosts

Pete Flecha @PedroArrow


I am a Sr Technical Marketing Engineer at VMware focusing on Virtual Volumes and vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO). Prior to VMware I was a virtualization TME for NetApp, focussing on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. I also hosted the Tech ONTAP Podcast and have been told I have a face for radio.

John Nicholson @Lost_Signal

Pasted image at 2016_01_19 02_21 PM

John is a Sr Technical Marketing Architect at VMware focussing on VSAN.  Prior to joining VMware John was the manager of client services for Synchronet, overseeing the professional services team who deployed cutting edge virtualization, VDI, and storage solutions for customers as well as the managed services who keep these environments running smoothly.  He enjoys a deep dive into the syslog, and can telepathically sense slow and undersized storage.

What’s on Deck?

John and I will be recording our very first episode in the coming weeks in which we will introduce ourselves and share with you what you can expect in the upcoming episodes. The entire schedule hasn’t been laid out yet, but you can expect to hear episodes covering the various aspects of Virtual Volumes, VSAN, Site Recovery Manager and PowerCLI just to name a few.  If there is a topic related to VMware that you would like us to dive into by all means send us an email at podcast@vmware.com



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