vSpeaking says So long SoundCloud

The short version of this post is…. we moved

Our new rss feed is https://media.zencast.fm/virtually-speaking-podcast/rss

What does this mean to you?

  • If you subscribed on iTunes, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, or stitcher it’s business as usual. We redirected to the new rss feed.
  • If you subscribe to a different service please use the new rss feed.  https://media.zencast.fm/virtually-speaking-podcast/rss
  • Take a peek at the new site. We’ve aggregated all show notes pages and episodes.  While you’re there be sure to subscribe.

So long SoundCloud

For those of you that hadn’t heard, SoundCloud was about to close the doors before securing the largest ever funding round securing their future.  During this period of uncertainty we decided to look at alternatives. The criteria we had was pretty simple

  • An embedded player
  • Ability to migrate our existing content catalog
  • A seamless change for our existing subscriber base

There were a few companies that met our needs, but one stood out among the rest for various reasons. Ultimately we decided to move from SoundCloud to Zencast.fm.

Hello ZenCast


One of the new features we have with ZenCast is a dedicated page for each episode and the respective show notes and relative links. We also have a guests page that provides links to the episodes each guest has appeared on.  This should be a really helpful when trying to find a specific guest.


The real advantage I see with this new site is the aggregation of all episodes.  We have been posting individual show notes blog posts on Virtual Blocks but using SoundCloud as the aggregate for actual episodes.  Now with the new site we’ve aggregated the episodes and all the show notes pages.


SoundCloud has been a great option for us for the past year.  Sure it had it’s limitations but worked.   That said, change is always tricky.  Hopefully this will be a welcome change and at very least non-disruptive to your podcast listening experience.  Let us know what you think.  Alright, thats the update, we hope to hear from you but until then… bye for now.

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