The Virtually Speaking Podcast Live


A few weeks ago, the Virtually Speaking Podcast recorded a live episode as a breakout session at VMworld US. It was so much fun that we decided to invite the same panel back for another episode (err I mean breakout session) HCI1894PE.

If I’m completely honest, I was a little hesitant about submitting a podcast as a session. When people suggested it, I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that people would be interested in seeing the behind the scenes of a podcast recording. The live format is very different from the comfort of my microphone. I decided if was going to work, we would need one heck of a guests panel.

The Panel

People always ask us what makes a successful podcast. My answer is simple: Always be curious, use quality mics, and get quality guests.

  1. Always be curious:thumbsup-s I know we are curious enough
  2. Use quality mics: thumbsdown-sThey won’t let us use our own mics so there’s no control over the audio quality which makes me cringe just a little.
  3. Get quality guests:thumbsup-s

Which leads me to our guests:


When discussing the future of IT, it helps to have industry experts on your panel. This is why we are honored to have Frank Denneman, Ken Werneburg, William Lam and Duncan Epping join us again to share their perspectives on this topic.

The Abstract

Ready for something different? The Virtually Speaking Podcast crew has four very special guests to discuss the future of IT and how we can position ourselves to excel as IT professionals. The roles of deep specialists and IT generalists are rapidly converging. Administrators now need to be ‘specialized generalists’ who know a fair bit about a fair number of things. Cloud, containers, hyperconverged infrastructure, network microsegmentation, are all the new wave of technology; With DevOps, AI and machine learning use cases changing not only the way we implement but the way we manage IT. In this session we examine this shifting IT landscape, and discuss trends for personal tooling – how can we position ourselves to excel in this new landscape? What does the datacenter of the future look like, and what sort of people will it need?

The VMworld US version of this session was a hit. We had great crowd participation and the panel discussion was really fantastic. I’m excited to take the show on the road again in Barcelona and hope to see you there.

Register now before it fills up.

Bye for now.



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