Top 10 VMware Admin Tools of 2020

Top 10 VMware Admin Tools

Last year the Virtually Speaking Podcast took an informal survey of the top 10 VMware admin tools and discussed the results on Episode 108. We invited VMware’s Duncan Epping and William Lam to share their input on the tools as well as their personal favorites. The episode was pretty popular, securing the #1 most downloaded episode of 2019 as well as the #2 most downloaded of all time. Take a look at Top 10 VMware Admin Tools of 2019.

As a recap here are last year’s top 10:

#10 HCI Bench VMware Fling

#9 vCenter Converter

#8 Onyx VMware Fling  – Code Capture

#7 6.5 REST API and API Explorer

#6 AsBuilt Report by Tim Carman

#5 Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility by William Lam


#3 vCheck by Alan Renouf

#2 PowerCLI

#1 RVTools by Rob De Veij

The Top 10 VMware Admin Tools of 2019 post details each tool and lists several honorable mentions.

Due to the popularity of episode 108, we decided to make the Top 10 VMware Admin Tools an annual event and we want your input. Send your favorite tools in order of importance to podcast “at” vmware “dot” “com” or on twitter @virtspeaking. Send as many as you have.


#1 My favorite tool

#2 My second favorite tool

#3 My third favorite tool

Once we determine the 2020 Top 10 VMware Admin Tools we will post the results and share them on the Virtually Speaking Podcast. Bye for now.


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