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The short version of this post is…. we moved Our new rss feed is What does this mean to you? If you subscribed on iTunes, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, or stitcher it’s business as usual. We redirected to the new rss feed. If you subscribe to a different service please use the new rss feed. Take […]

Lets do this..


OK My buddy Russ Cantwell has yet again entertained and inspired me.  This time to put together a compilation of Virtually Speaking Podcast listeners who love to rock out to our intro. Backstory: About a year ago, shortly after joining the ranks of the VMware technical marketing team I decided to start a podcast to […]

Now that vSphere 6.5 supports array-based replication (ABR), customers are starting to configure replication in their VM Storage Policies. Before you configure your policies for replication below are a few prerequisites to check. Note: Always check with your storage vendor for specific instructions on configuring your VASA Provider.  While very similar, each vendor I’ve configured is slightly different. […]

I can’t even believe it is already time again for VMworld. As always I can’t wait for it to be here (and I can’t wait for it to be over)  On one hand, its the largest opportunity to unite with my fellow IT brethren and sistren from all over the world yet on the other […]

Its that time of year again to cast your vote for the VMworld sessions you want to see this year. Like every year, there is no shortage of great sessions to choose from so let me add a few for your consideration. Full disclosure: On the majority of these sessions I am either presenting, co-presenting […]

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Welcome to the Episode 29 version of the new series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.” This week, we dragged former Tech ONTAP Podcast host Pete Flecha (aka @vPedroArrow) into the studio to talk VVols after our successful episode with SolidFire’s Aaron Patten…

A New Podcast


Virtually Speaking is a new podcast where we dive into all things related to Storage and Availability in the Software Defined Data Center.