About Me

Disclaimer: I am not a frequent blogger. My posts on this site are few and far between. The majority of my technical content can be found on:

About Me

Ever since I was a boy I have been fascinated with anything with knobs, levers, and lights.  Blame it on the 255 Computer Command  (a toy replica of a 1980 Corvette with a built in computer system that allows you to program up to….. you guessed it 255 commands dictating the car’s movements and sounds). This thing of beauty sparked a curiosity with technology in me that never died.


Paid to Play

My childhood fascination was the beginning of a trajectory into a long career in IT which started in the United States Air Force.  I served proudly in Europe for 10 years focusing on networking, security and infrastructure.   I couldn’t believe I was getting paid (barely) to play with all these big toys that had way more than 255 commands.

After years of focus on Business Critical Apps like MS Exchange and SQL I became obsessed with  a new technology called virtualization. My initial exposure to this new world was with Microsoft Terminal Services and then Hyper-V, but I have since become a huge fanboy of VMware.  That said, I am still very impressed with Hyper-V, especially Server 2012 (more on that on future posts).

After spending four years at NetApp focussing on VMware, I decided the logical next step was to go to VMware and focus on storage. Since 2015, I have been a Sr Technical Marketing Architect for VMware in the Storage and Availability Unit. My team and I write the solutions content and best practices guides for various products inside the storage tier of the software-defined data center. We spend half our time in the lab testing, discovering and documenting and the other half evangelizing to our field, partners, and customers.   As always I am still amazed to be getting paid ( a little more now) to play with all these big toys.

I also host a podcast called the Virtually Speaking Podcast.

About This Site

This blog serves a few purposes.  It’s a place where I can….

  1. Share cool things I am playing with on VMware
  2. Share Virtually Speaking Podcast audio and video
  3. and lastly, a place I can collect miscellaneous information that for whatever reason my brain refuses to retain (i.e. the keyboard shortcut for screen capture in OS X which incidentally is Command (⌘)-Shift-4)

About the Arrow…

A question I am asked frequently is why the name PedroArrow?  The answer unfortunately is a bit anticlimactic.  During my years of military service I had the opportunity to  live in Europe for an entire decade., 2.5 of which were spent in Madrid Spain. My new Spanish amigos shared with me that my surname (Flecha) is Spanish for Arrow.

Pedro (Pete) Flecha (Arrow)

You may now add this to the pile of useless information you’ve learned today.


This is my site and no one else’s. Any opinions expressed herein are, therefore, also mine and no one else’s (although I certainly welcome those who share them, as well as civil discussion with those who disagree).


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