5.0P1 patch releases for VSC and VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP now available

For those of you who attended my Insight sessions, as promised, the 5.0P1 patch releases for VSC and VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP are now available.  This patch fixes a number of issues found in VSC 5.0. (release notes)

To download, go to the NetApp Support Site Software Download page:

  1. From the Software Download page, scroll to the last row in the Product list: “To access a specific… .”
  2. From the <Select Software> drop-down list, choose Virtual Storage Console (VMware vSphere).
  3. Enter 5.0P1 in the version box and click “Go.”

Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere software is a single vCenter Server plug-in that enables you to manage complete virtual machine end-to-end lifecycles in VMware environments using NetApp storage systems.
VSC integrates smoothly with the VMware vSphere Web Client and enables you to use single sign- on (SSO) services. In addition, the VSC Summary page enables you to quickly check the overall status of your vSphere environment.
By running VSC, you can perform tasks such as the following:

  • Manage storage and configure the ESX host
  • Create storage capability profiles and set alarms
  • Provision datastores and clone virtual machines
  • Perform online alignments and migrate virtual machines individually and in groups into new or existing datastores
  • Back up and restore virtual machines and datastores

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