Lets do this..

OK My buddy Russ Cantwell has yet again entertained and inspired me.  This time to put together a compilation of Virtually Speaking Podcast listeners who love to rock out to our intro.


About a year ago, shortly after joining the ranks of the VMware technical marketing team I decided to start a podcast to help me learn more about all the different products and solutions out there but also to contribute to this vCommunity that has been such an amazing source of information, not to mention networking etc.  So my buddy John Nicholson (@lost_signal) and I decided… Lets do this, and started recording.

Side Rant: If you’re new to the world of virtualization you’ll be pleased to know there is an enormous community of IT professionals who are passionate about learning and share their knowledge through blogs, podcasts, VMUGs, and sessions at various industry events.  If your’e already part of this community, you know exactly what I’m talking about, and on that note, thank you for your contributions.

Now, just over a year in, and 75K downloads we have been overwhelmed with all the positive (and appreciative of the constructive) feedback we have received.  Now I have to be honest, sure we get lots of positive comments about the content, guests, format and even audio quality, but by far the thing we hear most is how much people love the intro. Recently a vCommunity member and all around awesome guy, Russ Cantwell ()  posted the following hilarious video of his weekly drive when listening to the Virtually Speaking Podcast.

If you don’t know Russ, be sure to follow him on Twitter.  He is a brilliant guy who is beyond passionate about all technology. Also be sure to check out his SEV Ops videos. (Short Educational Videos) on YouTube.

Lets All Do this

Here’s where you come in. Just like Russ, we want to see your creative submission of you rocking out to the intro music. You can tweet the video to @vPedroArrow and @lost_Signal or email it to podcast @ vmware . com.  John and I will assemble the submissions and make a compilation video.  We will be accepting submissions up until 8-20-17 so get moving. All submissions that make the video will receive a nice Virtually Speaking Podcast care package.  Russ, you definitely made the cut 🙂

Please be safe, John and I won’t be paying your medical bills if you hurt yourself. (we also don’t advocate handling any recording equipment while driving).


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